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PETER the VENERABLE (1092 or 1094–1156), eighth Abbot of Cluny. A descendant of the noble family of Montboissier, he was educated at the monastery of Sauxillanges of the congregation of Cluny, and made his profession to its abbot, St Hugh, shortly before the latter’s death in 1109. After being prior at Vézelay and Domène (1120), he was elected abbot of Cluny in 1122. Against much opposition he carried through important reforms, esp. in the financial and educational spheres, in the two general chapters of 1132 and 1146 by enforcing the detailed constitutions which he had drawn up for the congregation. His interest in the pursuit of studies at Cluny brought about a controversy with his intimate friend, St Bernard, who wished to see the monastic life confined to prayer and manual work. In 1130 Peter supported Innocent II against the antipope Anacletus II, himself a Cluniac monk, and in 1140 he gave shelter to Abelard first at Cluny and later at the priory of St-Marcel-de-Chalon. Between his numerous journeys, which took him to Spain in 1142, to Germany in 1147, twice to England, and ten times to Italy, he frequently retired to a hermitage to devote himself to study and meditation. He was the first to have the Koran translated into Latin (completed 1143) and himself wrote against the Muslims. His works, among which are treatises against Peter de Bruys and against the Jews (1144–7), a number of sermons, and some poems, show comparatively little acquaintance with the Fathers but profound knowledge of the Scriptures, and a preference for the literal sense which causes him to avoid allegorical speculations. His moderation and gentleness earned him the veneration of his contemporaries, but in the eyes of posterity he was overshadowed by the great figure of his friend, St Bernard. Though honoured as a saint, he was never canonized. Commemoration in several martyrologies is on 29 Dec.

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