The Death of St. Jerome
The Belles Heures of John, Duke of Berry

The Bases of Christian Moral Theology and Spirituality

THIS is the Announcements page. It will be the first thing you see each time you log on to this webcourse.  The other sections of the course may be accessed through the navigation bar to the left, (the panel with the praying lady at the top). If you click any of the blue-colored links on the navigation panel, this central panel will be replaced by the section of the course you have chosen. You may always return to this original configuration by clicking on the red course title in the center of the banner (the panel at the top of this page). You will not need to use the grey links on the banner: they will take you places you do not need to go.

WHEN you have finished reading this introductory material you should go to the Lectures and Assignments section, where you will find five tasks awaiting you (and please forgive me if this sounds like some sort of medieval quest!).  In that section you will find each week's work listed under the date of the Sunday that begins each of the fifteen weeks of our course.  This week's work consists of:

A) Making sure you can play audio-lectures;

B) Reviewing the Course Syllabus;

C) Introducing yourself in the Introductory Discussion Forum;

D) Reading the texts and listening to the first four audio-lectures of the course.

E) Answering questions and sharing reflections in Discussion Forum One.

WE We will be using the Saint John's Seminary "Moodle" system for our discussion forums.  If you click on the "MOODLE" DISCUSSION link on the navigation panel (dark blue, on the left, beneath the praying lady) you will be taken to the "Moodle" login page, where you will be asked for your St. John's Seminary user name and password  You will then be offered a link ( ThM 599F The Moral Virtues and Human Freedom ) to the site where the forums are posted and awaiting your pleasure. Your browser should open the Moodle discussion in a new window, which means that this page should still be available when you finish working in the discussion forums: there is also a link on that page that will return you here, should you need to use it.

ONE or two final points: please feel free to experiment wildly in the Introductory Forum and get the feel of both responding to the comments of others and posting your own "subjects" (sometimes called "threads").  Also, for the adventurous there's a way of adding your own picture (or any identifying picture you like) to replace the "smiley face" in Moodle.  To do that you will need to adjust your user profile.

I look forward to working with and getting know all of you.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Fr. Luke Dysinger, OSB. 

December 10, 2007

FURTHER congratulations to you all for the quality of your reflections in the discussion forums.  We are now in our last week of this course, and I believe all of you have shared with me your plans for the final paper.  I would be grateful to have the papers by the end of next week, which is also the end of the semester.  Again, thanks to all of you for your excellent participation.

October 5, 2007

CONGRATULATIONS to you all on the very high level of interaction in the discussion forums.  As you will have noted, I try to recede into the background as much as possible so as not to cut off discussion.  The professor's comments sometimes have a way of slowing down interaction.  The next five discussion forums have been added to our Moodle page, and Forum Five is ready to receive your thoughts.

September 13, 2007

FOR those who do not have easy access to the RB-80 or Brown's The Body and Society, I have added links next to the reading assignments for Week Two that allow these texts to be opened in MS-Word format.  The text from Brown is only scanned and not yet closely-checked; but it will help if you cannot obtain access to the book.  If the links do not appear, please "refresh" your page - they should appear!


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